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Marigold - Gift Box

Marigold - Gift Box

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- Bath Rehab Soak
- Frida Vase 
- Luminous Crystal Perfume Roller 

Bath Rehab Soak: A citrus blend, grounding your emotions and boosting your mood. This revitalising petal bath soak contains refreshing lemon slices, reviving tired skin, and chamomile flowers helping to reduce anxiety.

Frida Vase: Our favourite artist Frida Kahlo is brought to life in a new colourway of glossy black and golden yellow. Her ornate hair and face are hand-painted and look stunning when paired with a crown full of flowers. Handmade ceramic vase from Jones and Co. Length: 11.5cm, Width: 11.5cm, Height: 20cm.

Luminous Crystal Perfume Roller
A crystal infused essential oil blend to help you cultivate confidence & inner strength. An earthy blend featuring Cedarwood and Frankincense with a touch of Ylang Ylang and Peppermint Oil. Perfect as a light natural perfume alternative. Features a Tigers Eye rollerball.

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